Why Trump’s Loss is not India’s Loss? Just Recollect.

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Joe Biden has finally been declared as a winner of the 2020 Presidential Elections.

I have no grudges with Biden from the beginning. I have been against Bernie Sanders and the woke Left-Islamists. I am neither against Donald Trump because I love his foreign policy towards India, Russia and China. Biden is a status quoist, and he would not act utopian like cultural Marxists and Democratic Socialists, who will never shut CCP off but will always question India over Kashmir and CAA without any ounce of credibility.

Second, my President is Ramnath Kovind and my PM is Modi. I am not a Modi Bhakt, so calm yourself. You might be a devotee of an NGO wokepanzee Rahul Gandhi, who is anti-India, anti-development, and yes — anti-Hindu.

Third, the Hindutva group should not worry much here — because if you read the statements and foreign policy articles by Joe Biden, you will find that making rhetoric on CAA/370 is a common affair. Clinton also did that, but he then supported India very openly. Bill Clinton paved the way for the Indo-US relationship, never forget that.

1. If you closely see the developments, no one did realize that the Republicans have started removing support for Donald J Trump. So, do not worry — the Republicans will gain power in 2022, and I bet on them and not the Democrats due to a credible ground: the Democrats have only the race-religion rhetoric that will destroy their voter base.

2. Idiots do not even think that 30% MUSLIMS, (yes, as per AP Surveys), women, Latinos and even Blacks voted for Trump. The support of the White voter for Trump has plummeted at its worst this year, which shows there are people who do not consider Trump as a racist scum. And factually, he is neither Neo-Nazi, nor anti-Hindu/Muslim, nor anti-India, neither racist. Period. He released the Black America plan, which no scumbag from the Left even did read.

3. The Democrats are so idiotic that they think that Kamala Harris is the first VP in the White House of Color. Not true. Even before Barack Hussain Obama, Charles Curtis was the Vice President of the US under the ticket of the Republican Party, under Hoover from 1929 to 1933. Leaving centrists like Pete Buttegieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, and maybe a few, legacy centrists like Nancy Pelosi will have to clear the mess created by AOC, Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib and many more Left-wing idiots.

4. Even Congress leader Milind Deora tweeted that Joe Biden has the potential to sweep down the Far-Left, which should be a lesson for Center-Left parties across the globe. I am not anti-left. I am neither anti-right, anti-Muslim for that matter. I am pro Hindu, pro-Muslim, pro secularism and even pro-US. I consider myself as a libertarian-conservative. So, lefties, do some fucking research and bloat up.

5. Mark my words — the Republicans will win the House of Representatives in 2022 easily. NDTV Journalist Aunindyo Chakrabarty also pointed out on Twitter that even looking at the map, the US is still republican.

6. Ignoring Trump’s achievements in foreign affairs, is a disservice to what he did for India and the international community. Joe Biden is also not a buffoon. I agree that UN Human Rights has become a place for authoritarians and Islamists to condemn countries for no reason. It is Joe Biden, whose term will be a death knell for the Democrats to start acting more bipartisan, in the interest of the American people.

7. No one SHALL trust the fucking American mainstream media (even Fox News), which is a shame for the US. This transition presidency will not affect the global order so much, because of the wolf warrior diplomacy of China. Understand why Obama failed in dealing with China. It was under him in 2008–17 that China’s ‘peaceful’ rise came to almost some logical conclusion. Xi Jinping is not a smart administrator. Do not consider Indian armed forces to be stupid. Rajnath Singh and Modi very well understand how to deal with CCP.

8. Also, these are not the times of some neo or post-modernist cold war. It is just the consequence of the aberrations caused by the European Union, Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood and the US since 2000. Nobody even cares to see which countries have emerged stronger in terms of diplomacy — India, Singapore, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, France and even Germany. It is not a Chinese or Russian or Islamist or American global order any more. The Indo-Pacific and Europe will decide the course of the geopolitics, so calm down.

9. It is by the karma of the Democrats that they will lose their significance. In fact, libertarians, or liberals will lean more towards the Republican Party in future. Consider voting patterns. The Libertarian Party, unfortunately, has lost but contributed in swinging wins and losses for Biden and Trump accordingly, which is a different story.

10. The coming years of internal politics will favour more libertarianism and centre-conservatism, which itself will support the world as a whole. In India, the libertarian-socialist government of the BJP Alliance will come back, I hope even if it seems too hard to predict. The bipartisan political consensus in India will only progress, not decline. So do not consider the Congress-led UPA back. They will die or have to change. Simple.

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