Why the Use of Emotional Intelligence is Too Shady for ‘Common Interests’: A Dharmic Take

Open challenge to all social media IT cells, politicians, business leaders and media persons:

Avoid and terminate clickbait information/intelligence sharing. Avoid using all fashioned hash tags, and share any fact, information or truth as mundane and tasteless as possible.

Even if people sensitize, feel or excite, do not act loyalist to them, and keep sharing mundane information.

All the dominating constructs from the first principles of emotional intelligence will be amazingly lost.

Fact of the matter is: we have never learned so much to embrace individualism because we have bought a dialectic approach towards pretending ourselves to be individualist, however turning out to be collectivist. Interesting eh??

Intelligence diplomacy has always been collectivist in a world where positive law is followed. Do you know where can you find cure to this?

The Bhagavad Gita. However, even Krishna agrees with Arjuna to a limited extent that the concept of धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः or Dharma is the manifest embryo of justice, itself is rooted in normal and preparatory estimates of anthropological positivism. The anthropological positivism is not Austinian nor Benthamite, and is Dharmic.

However, Krishna stands throughout his life to fight for real individualism and polite mobility to drive natural justice not by some archetypes of regressive rules and conceptions, but by the soft power of human anthropomorphization.

So, to be individualistic, be a transformable being first. Only then you can make individualism a coherent identity of humanity, along with its roots of collectivism.

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