Why Individualism Matters Amidst Elitism in India?

I agree Patanjali’s medicines are detrimental to the health of commoners, and their medicines must be scrutinized strictly because the medicines (not most but still) and products have severe compliance issues. Unless the AAYUSH Ministry renders anything to its position, I cannot comment further.

However, the problem is way larger. Remember the NEPOTISM debate between the Johars-Kapurs and Kangana and Sonu Nigam? What does this show? Mass collectivism and elitism from all sides. Do we really need a right-wing Bollywood or capitalist base right now? We are already tired of the Left-wing Bollywood and Capitalists funnily. Their lack of achievements and quality has reached India nowhere.

Learn from Mukesh Ambani, Manoj Bajpayee, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and also Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. They always focused on work and ideas, and the point is — if we endorse focus on work and spread medium on the same idea a lot with relevance, which Sonam Wangchuck does, then I am sure we can stop the discrimination the Indic identity suffers.

Some of the Indian cinema luminaries from Sona Mahapatra to Amitabh Bachchan agree that Bollywood sucks. The Indic music is divine and so beautiful and does not require a secular touch, because music is not secular. Even if you try doing that, and give me examples from the Beatles to Ram Sampath, understand that some ideological and aesthetic origins would exist. The only secularism that we can have here is related to the outlook of how secular we can be. We can never be able to be ideally secular if we wish to live in a world of hopeful legal positivism and constructivism, with cultural and traditional values cultivated and loved in our individualistic way.

We really need to step up and act as individuals now. We do not need a Bhim Army nor Patanjali to endorse our individual values. Indic values themselves, from music to politics, reflect individual ideas. Period.

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