Why India Doesn’t Fit in the Great Populist-Liberal Narrative?

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India’s Permanent Representative-designate to UN calls on President Kovind
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Although we must have binary analyses, we must often remember that binary narratives can only exist when within the scores and sections of each binary unit of the narrative spectrum, we embrace diversity and avoid it from being framed as a division, which should be interpreted in political advocacy in a more realistic tone.

India’s NeoConservatism and NeoRealism since 2009 (not 2014): Diplomacy — Public and International

Misusing neoliberal economics, manipulating the world’s best-ever neat and impurely, impromptu pure chance (and roughly, a mere bet) to open its hearts to everyone, whether the worse, the best and even the nobody, was divulged and completely defeated and destroyed by the partisanship of the Western Media, especially of the capricious network of people, who believed in the staunch Left-Right politics to divide people. They forgot the humility of a failed Gorbachev, a resilient Reagan, and a fierce but silent APJ Abdul Kalam, which is shoddy and must be condemned with relevant ethical grounds.

India as a Stabilizing Power since 2003 (again, not since 2014)

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