Why I Have No Fear To Be 'The Only' Driving Factor?

I am always asked something by people which is related to both of my think-tanks Internationalism & Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.

What they ask is interesting:

#Question: Are you the only driving factor in these organizations?

I don't think that's a good question because that's not how an organization works. I am not a perfect leader and occasionally, people consider me as a novice, a low-class person and equate me with half-baked startup dreams. What I feel is that this kind of comparison and adjustment which people have in mind is not only erratic, but unreasonable.

What drove me to start Internationalism was just an abstract idea - take away the monopoly of educational institutions in matters of academic knowledge to think-tanks in the realm of international law and affairs. ISAIL is my AI-Law affair, which I consider to be an important epitome to endorse people towards better and enlightened approaches to posit and learn about issues related to AI and Social Sciences, because India is not so much prepared to deal with AI, but it is not that we cannot be.

Considerably, to an extent, I might be a driving factor (and maybe the only one, sadly, in tough times howsoever you interpret or I reconcile upon) for both the organizations. But I am proud of what I have made - even if we are not that visible and even known like IT Cells and Glam Pages.

Our aim is serene - we want our fellow Indians to arise out of their obscurities and democratize research in social sciences as a big skill that can empower anybody.

I tell ya - people despise my ideas so much that they feel I should teach just because I write a lot and I have academic ideas. They think making money is everything. Oh - if that were true, then mere stock buybacks would not have been a bad idea for big US companies, isn't it? Why they lost? They lost their way and purpose. They didn't realize that if they destroy the ethical cycle of capitalism, not only they are causing economic inequality, but also keeping the economic future of the US so uncertain during such force majeure conditions.

Here's another question people ask, genuinely:

#Question: Who cares about what you do and write?

Actually I should have stopped writing poetry if I had thought I have no audience 😥, but using this notion of so-called digital virality is not sick, but is interpretably realized so much worse by business people that they priotize commercial monopoly over creative values. But as the elites cannot own this issue, so cannot the Left-Right binary people who care nothing but stupid redemptions.
I sometimes feel maybe I could not live longer. I don't know why - this (not scary but) unscrupulous thought gushes within my mind and alarms me. Maybe I have just felt there is none who can understand who I am, or what I am capable of. But for goodness' sake, I am proud of my identity, and my ability to retain my skills and traits I have discovered and earned. I may not be the most popular person at a competitive level, nor my startup ideas are so flashy, but I would hate dying like Nikola Tesla or Anne Frank or S Ramanujan. If I die, then I'd love to die when I am satisfied like maybe a multimillionaire, who left the world in 2011, but laid the foundation of iPhone. I would love to pass away when I am satisfied like that guy, who is no more with us but earned reputation for films like Hindi Medium and Chandrakanta.

To be honest - I have no single inspiration in reality. My inspirations are innumerable people, whether the elites or from the streets. I believe in Sun Tzu's philosophy of war and I think it's quite inevitable that we must learn from our foes as much as we learn from our allies.

But yes - like any person's simple aspiration, I would love to die when I have generated a powerhouse - a beautiful future for the ideas I made, I encouraged or I lived with, which make the world a better place.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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