Why EAM Jaishankar’s Comment on US Adapting Multipolarity is Punching Above Weight

To be honest, I had skeptical visions of the comment by EAM S Jaishankar on the notion that the US must be accustomed with multipolarity. I cannot say it is a perfect statement despite India's achievements so far under him because in realpolitik understandings, you as a stupidly non-aligned nation should not voice out rants without purpose.

Point is - India will be an asset for the West, and foreign policy should be accustomed with transactions. It's good that India-US relationship is at just good right now. However, my personal wish is that India joins NATO. The big reason why I advocate India's NATO membership is its relevant stronghold with the West. However, we still have to saturate and test the Russian-Sino relations and their scope.

India broke the Soviet-Sino relationship before 1989. We need to break it again, but not under a self-destructive NAM.
India's multialignment is similar to Chanakya and Machiavelli's political realism - and not of the Chinese, which makes India a credible West ally.

Secondly, NAM is not just foreign relations - it has deep roots in the stupid legal education system of India that sponsors socialism and is phobic to Indic and non-Western thinking. If India really wants to let the West be revisionist, it has to be intelligent and capable to retransform the heritage of the East. Vladimir Putin is very capable of that, and that's why not just his appeal is good, he maintained the spirit of solution-finding of the Russians, which is accordingly a kind of Sadism or Masochism.

India can use the humility factor of Dharma to transform its foreign policy. Sheer rhetoric on any Western relations without having a relevant ground is sometimes acerbic. However, it doesn’t justify the Left because they suck, and they will suck. NAM must be butchered, properly. And I hope EAM Jaishankar proves us wrong that India’s commentaries on the West are balanced.

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