Why AI needs Plurilateralism First and Multilateralism Later

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Artificial Intelligence cannot grow and become all-purposive and human-centric without rendering a stage of plurilateralism first, and when it is indigenised and regionalised incrementally, it can go global swiftly to regularize equality at the international level.

Is the Equality Framework under International Law possible to be fixed? No.

The incompleteness of the human rights literature paradoxically could never have been helpful to assert and realize the abstracted idea of human rights because of the simple reason that the conception of human rights — is dynamic, reasonable and proceduralist, where its substantive values will change, sink, float and even fly. Despite that, we can at least try to improve layer-by-layer the conception of human rights with time.

Understanding AI through Culture and Pluralism

Political Fundamentalism and Ideological Obscuration

Blatant Extra-misuses of Economic Models

Legal Judgementalism in the Rule of Law Practices

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