Trust and Faith — the Drivers of Human Civilization: Exemplifying the Indic History in a Nutshell

Do you know why people must read the writings of BR Ambedkar, Rabindranath Tagore, Bhagat Singh, Maulana Azad, Sir Syed and the rest? Do you know why? The reason is obvious.

Most of the problems involving caste and religious identity in India have anthropological precedents, often backed by the jurisprudential and statutory developments in the Indian Legal System, which are deeply entrenched. India, still after 70 years, is not trying to recover from its 1940s. I am sorry. Most of the problems and their left-right propaganda is as same as it has been.

Judgementalism and zero respect to what the host culture in India, which I call the Indic culture, did - was the whole problem behind identity politics. Unfortunately, Indians believed in the same way of politics the Europeans and Americans did. What happened was pretty weird. Our culture is beautiful. I agree with Hindu conservatives that Hinduism is not semitic and is based on innovation in humility, openness and spirituality. You may connote with an argument as how sane was it for those who fought the invaders, and how people were roused — but cultural orthodoxy may be disorganized, which historical evidence proves. It is the chess between morality and wisdom. Who wins? We do not know — but if we do never estimate how redemption can be acerbic, then maybe we are too blind here.

The similar problem exists with a lie on the caste system. As believed by Bhishma and Krishna in Mahabharat, which even the Pandavas had acknowledged, the idea of a caste system similar to the division of labour idea in Europe to some extent, was manipulated, because people forgot to read the Vedas anymore.

People think India did not have democratic spirit. It had - not just like the Americans. India’s democratic spirit was and is in its culture of hospitality, moralism (similar to the idea of a more perfect union), openness, the brave to detach diversity from discrimination and to stand up for wisdom of purpose. Do you know where did you find it, most perfectly, way better than Europe and the United Kingdom? The United States of America.

The Vedas weren’t the 'dictates' of their lives - they are the beautiful texts, which anybody would love to monopolize in, believe in - but that belief you develop must not be uncontrolled or vulnerable to anarchy or nihilism. You must know how your trust-faith mechanism is integral and connected to your own existence, only if you are a social animal.

The problem with democracy is not that it is what it is. The problem is the same Machiavellianism that has destroyed civilizations, even if it does not have much to do with Niccolo Machiavelli's own timely limitations I certainly believe. So ironic it is - isn't it? We thought science is everything - but metaphysics is the godfather behind what leads us to decide what is scalable - what is not, what is determined by the hooks of mathematics, and what is not!

Remember - there was an Irrfan Khan, a Srinivasa Ramanujan, and even many people like them, like Dara Shikoh, who have been ignored by those who lived and died wet for the flagpost of the ‘’ problem. We must make a solemn resolve anyways, without hesitation, that we need to ignore the idea of judgementalism. The idea is simple here — India and its legacy believes in constructive moralism, which every society at the end of the day would and should aspire to do. They do not have a sense of domination impurely or purely — and this diffused and unorganized form of moral policing which the Indian people apply everywhere is something the world loves about them. Interestingly — this trust-faith mechanism shaped Nehru’s pacifism and Narendra Modi’s proactive regionalism, despite the fact whether these frontiers are failing or have failed or not in the realm of Indian Diplomacy.

True justice does not keep anyone anywhere, because justice’s inscriptions of truth are paranoid themselves. They do not matter so much because law is a blind institute - it cares what is forthcoming in its own eyes. It never does mean there are no solutions.

For the sake of reality, if not true peace, avoid conflicts which kill your own purpose, and devalue your urge to transform any culture which must rightly be progressed by real indigenous people, who own their past - not those contrarians, who never ever understand why accountability is possible but not so probable. It is not legal dementia of fate, ever. It is the dementia of human society as a whole.

And even if my words are not complete, not as exact and mathematical to what potential does a trust-faith system may have - then, maybe you will never be able to read history - because history is not inferential to your present and future. It is the art that reflects what wisdom should you inherit from your past. It seems like a heist of realities sometimes to me. Even of poor wisdom and humanity.

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