Trust and Faith — the Drivers of Human Civilization: Exemplifying the Indic History in a Nutshell

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People think India did not have democratic spirit. It had - not just like the Americans. India’s democratic spirit was and is in its culture of hospitality, moralism (similar to the idea of a more perfect union), openness, the brave to detach diversity from discrimination and to stand up for wisdom of purpose. Do you know where did you find it, most perfectly, way better than Europe and the United Kingdom? The United States of America.

True justice does not keep anyone anywhere, because justice’s inscriptions of truth are paranoid themselves. They do not matter so much because law is a blind institute - it cares what is forthcoming in its own eyes. It never does mean there are no solutions.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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