Transforming the Notions of Time and Secularism: From Force to Organism Observance

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Lord Krishna’s Virat Form as per Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. The metaphor behind this picture is that the concept of God is one and is quasi-cyclic.

Cannot people understand that Secularism is a limited political concept?

Secularism by definition should be organic by nature. The paradox is that the Marxian vision of secularism lacks scientific absoluteness, and pretends utter scientific absolutism, which I find crap, at least in the Indian case.

You make and find new ideas from your history through which you have grown. Try hard for it. Even physics is not secular. It’s way provable how the Catholic Church misused Issac Newton’s Principia Mathematica and the so-called Christened concept of Mundane linear time was adopted.

Secularism is Skeletal, and its Transformation is Utilitarian

Can you feel how it would seem? That is what Secularism should be — procedural — friendly to both ideological correctness & cultural pluralism and resistant to ideological obscuration and cultural nihilism.

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