The Potential of Ethno-Nationalism in a Post-Liberal Order

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How Will Multilateralism Change and Make Its Better Course?

We must realize that the desaturation of the global order from the dead habits of the cold war era are still not thawed, and if we do not thaw our past, we cannot boil down our adversities as nation-states, ever.

If not the US, then who?

Still — realizing sooner that fragility is the scar of a global polity, which is not irreversible, it becomes easier for nation-states to draft strategies to prevent their due course towards gradual dilution.

Are Nationalistic Governments a Trans-political time bomb?

Truth is that cultural backlashes would not exist anymore, because identity politics in reality, cannot exist beyond non-obscure and anti-defeatist commitments. Often, communities thaw their populist measures to earn love and compassion because demands for identity-related issues do feel comfort in leaving the path of ideological obscuration.

Humanity does not like being unkind, but a positivist and negative interpretation of the Hobbesian view of social contract is unreal.

What Will Global Aesthetic Discourses Change and Become?

Individual libertarianism will bear a conservative filtration for sure, but will be covered by the shine of human accountability and responsibility. Societal communitarianism will not override individual rights, but will get a wider and healthier ground of advocacy as ethnocentrism ends for the global community.

To be honest — the urge of openness and compassion is unconditional yet not cheap in these times. People would always intend to test the value of their acts of love and purpose, but will never shy away from being kind to people.

Will the Global South Earn What It Deserves After Scores of Redemption?

African states too, are eager to come out of three of their dilemmas: (1) the Eurocentric and Sinocentric approaches of assistance; (2) decimating the image of poverty and (3) lack of internalizing their technological resources.

China cannot hope much rigid support from Russia in many matters because Putin cannot ignore that Russia itself has thawed much out of the Soviet past the Russian people had, and it is high time that the Russian identity after bemusing the West — must have constructive, even if multipolar-centric measures to reform the international community and multilateral organizations.

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