The International Order is Dynamic: Understanding NeoRealism

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So, the US itself is different, and so is China.

The influence was a market of its own.

And if this is not understood properly, it will not let culture or religion die.

And we already have an example which is the vision of India.

Yes, sovereignty has a value it will always have one.

However, if you ignore that international law and international relations brought together are nothing but a culmination of the world orders, physic, aesthetics and flirtations with the past, present and future, in a chivalrous, direction, ludicrous way, then maybe the problem is deeper among the people who just don’t understand how the international order works.

I believe that sometimes, even between the Westosphere and Eastosphere, where there are always nations, which act like a compass, a multidimensional one, where it is not necessary to have a compass in the form of a circular rotation, it can have a circular rotation in various dimensions, which makes the rotation of the composite selves, very complex and decentralized.

India, for example, is a moralist country or follows more or less diplomacy based on historic and cultural moralities, but due to its Britishesque-Socialist Bureaucratic Dilemma and years of austerity and politically strange problems, it has not earned its position which it deserved.

So, what’s next for the world order?

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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