The Cost of Binary Politics and the Machiavellian Trap

Angela Merkel and Jacques Chirac.

Well, we live in a global community, and judgementalism is a bad idea we have been following it really through. However, how far have we gone in this wave of judgementalism is something we need to realize. Earlier, I had proposed in one of my works that the Partisan (often called binary) means of politics or the ethics of political activities must be put to an end. Well, the problem is deeper, and now, since 2020, we must not say it is a new problem — it is as same as we had during the times of the First World War, 1914–1918. The idea is simple — create narratives, read less, divide people into 2 sides, make contradictory annotations and participation in a deliberately punitive and shoddy manner, so as to show that redemption is a deeply inherent problem. It works, unfortunately. It worked for Christians and Muslims for centuries, and they are still facing their Semitic issues for no credible reason of course. Let me take another blunt example because this one is the most shoddy one you could ever imagine.

Read End of Partisanship in Global and Internal Politics: Why & How

Why is it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Houthi Rebels are being funded for the unreasonable Yemeni humanitarian crises? What credible reason does it actually have? What grounds do the United States and Canada, the bastions of a free world, have to act as stupid as they have always been since 2002? Despite the fact that Justin Trudeau’s liberal rhetoric is too vague, and may it unite the Hard Left of the Liberal Party in Canada while forcing the Canadians to rethink the PM’s immigration policy, Canada at least did have an economic system that fought the COVID19 virus outbreak smartly. It is a shame for both the North American countries to fund the Saudis, which I believe is a Cold-War political standoff, like a weird disease they possess and pass on to the next generations. Also, not just the Saudis, let me talk about Syria and Iran, with utmost humility.

It is true that there are nasty states like Turkey and Iran, which do not regard the role of human rights and many times offend the rule of law for a greater good. Nevertheless, did Henry Kissinger, and the US Diplomats did not have any chance for nearly 30–40 years to render solution to the Middle East? Watch out, please. The pre-conflict pics of Syrian Arab Republic show it very obvious how Europeanized and developed Syria was. Imagining it would be so hard, but the Syrians had helped the European refugees afflicted by the Second World War amidst Adolf Hitler’s expansion. Why does not the world remember that? Well, they bear that same convenience of discriminating the Islamophobic issue into Shia-Sunni as they have always done. Again, after the killing of Qasim Soleimani in January 2020, which is nevertheless a debatable act, what have we learnt that a particular faction in Iraq does not vote against removing the US troops from Iraq.

Funnily, amidst the killing of Soleimani, instead of reconciling what Iran as a mess had become, Ali Khamenei orders the Iranian forces to shoot missiles without a nuclear warhead at some areas already cleared by the US troops, leading to maybe 4 casualties, as President Trump had reported, it is important for us to understand that this pomp and show by the Iranian regime was disgusting and shameful. The people of Iran were too tired of their exhausted populist anti-American rhetoric and due allegiance to the Iranians, leading obviously to nothing but the same diplomatic stupidity we have seen.

Again, let me be brutally honest — you find the similar trends in Africa and Asia, if we start from Libya to Vietnam. I do not know what the hell the Global North has earned. True it is that the US does bear some real credibilities as a world leader, but as we cannot trust China’s approach towards containing COVID19, misusing the South China Sea issue, manipulating border conflicts with India for the sake of its Belt and Road Initiative, it is quite clear that the world is deeply victimized by something I have been against — and will be despite Champagne Socialists and Nihilists/Contrarians call it the best way — the Binary Complex.

Again, read this quote on how binary thinking is a disease in its own way and why should we overcome it, despite the fact that it is not difficult to get away, quoted from an article by David Stein:

Getting away from binary thinking isn’t all that difficult. Personally, I feel that humans are predisposed, both culturally and neurologically, towards more complex thought. We use the decimal system for math which is base ten. Our language uses 26 letters (the one [you're] using the read this one at least, most languages use even more). Anyone who can read a book can use more than two words to describe either the qualitative moral predisposition of another human individual considering their actions, intents and characteristics. Anyone who can make it this far into this essay can come up with a few extra categories beyond “good vs. evil” to describe a fellow person.

In this article, I will provide some ironic examples from various fields and histories, which are not even related to politics and society, but these events really influence our lives at worse, to be honest.

Ethnocentrism vs Ethno-Nationalism: Long-Term Redemptions

Ethnocentrism is a simple term everybody knows. All it does is that it imposes a common or artificially common idea or regime among masses and leaders as if it is the only tree and nothing else does exist. Binary thinking thrives excellently due to ethnocentric thinking, and we see the negative effects of ethnocentrism in the United States, France, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, the UK and Germany. Now, thanks to Globalization, a generation of leaders (among whom the lasting leader we see is Angela Merkel from Germany) — none of these countries ever realized that their soft power narratives via entertainment, economic packages, immigration policies, etc., would cause the world to face social redemptions.

I defend ethnonationalism on the very simple ground anyways — every identity matters. Professor Fukuyama’s Identity theory was a weird one, which has been proved wrong, so I am sorry socialists — you won’t get your Hitler dream achieved. However, what has happened is that artists/writers like Yuval Noah Harari, Jon Oliver, Arundhati Roy etc, have imposed the global imagery of the world in such a way that whatever happens, it is only the average American who can understand how the world works. In the UK, it is the British case, unfortunately.

I have nothing against American liberalism in general. In fact, democratic liberalism is better for people, but we cannot deny the fact that if you cannot control mass humanism, and in fact, that is what liberals and left-liberals (socialists too, unfortunately) fail to contain (taking Tony Blair, Barack Obama and Francois Hollande to exemplify) — what the Global North, or the elite within the Global North did was to create an oligarchy of Free Speech and Thinking, which is paradoxical to scepticism, and the realist approach that a liberal pedestrian would intend to gather.

Populism is a common phenomenon and can be owned by either liberals or conservatives, without any ounce of doubt. The problem is that ethnonationalism itself is not a problem because people must have a plurality of opinions and identities, and most of us must shed away ourselves from that binary thinking which has benefited none, without any question in mind. The Charlie Abdo incident in 2015’s France — is not about whether the Press does have a Freedom of Speech or not. The paradox regarding the revenge they had to, unfortunately, face the terrorists, like what happened amidst Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester in 2018 — is that acts of terrorism, are the outcomes of mass collectivism and awoke nihilism, which is the darker overcomplicated, overinterpreted and overexpanded side of liberalism. What happens is that it is not the fault of liberal ideas either.

Anyone, who thinks and believes in being open, is obviously not a perfect person. But at the end of the day, it is not necessary for any of the liberals to isolate diversity of thoughts and dissents just because they fear that conservatism is anti-anything. Both true liberalism and true conservatism have driven monarchies as well as democracies, and also has let the world win the Second World War. I do not understand why people are loving so much rhetoric and polarization, especially the millennials, showing that they have no sense of learning, and they do not intend to let the world change itself with time.

Here is an interesting mention I have provided regarding Krishnadevaraya, the King of Vijayanagar in South India. This excerpt is based on a book written by Srinivas Reddy.

By 1520, a decade into Krishnadevaraya’s reign, Vijayanagara was famed beyond its borders as a cosmopolitan metropolis, a sprawling city expansive in both size and spirit. The capital was truly a place of diversity and inclusion where people of varying faiths, ethnicities and classes would not only intermingle but also cooperate in building what Paes called ‘the best provided city in the world . . . large as Rome, and very beautiful to the sight’. He went on to add that ‘in this city you will find men belonging to every nation and people. . . countless in number, so much so that I do not wish to write it down for fear it should be thought fabulous’. Or as Duarte Barbosa writes in one of the first examples of Portuguese travel literature: ‘There is an endless number of merchants, wealthy men and natives of the city to whom the king allows such freedom that every man may come and go and live according to his own creed . . . great equity and justice is observed to all, not only by the rulers, but by the people one to another.’

If you read this quote — you will realize that what Duarte Barbosa had ascribed about the international community and India, is as similar to the same global dream I had for my nation, India, and this is maybe any third world country is intending to hope.

Now, I would be really elated to share this photo with you. Do you know what is it?

Portrait of a Moor (Jan Mostaert, 1525–1530)

This is the famous 16th Century painting of a black courtier at the court of Margaret of Austria, the Duchess of Savoy and Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands. The name and rank of this courtier remain a mystery. Interestingly — before the colonization of Africa, people from Lagos and Lisbon used to trade as equal as possible. People were given recognition for who they really were. Socialists may use this picture and blame nobody but conservatives, and they would conclude that all history persons — all religions are mental disorder and Hitlerish. Sorry — but if you do not read history — you really do not understand the coalescing nature of why liberal and conservative thinking is important, you know nothing.

In reality, we live and die with conservative and liberal schools of thought, that reflect and form so many grey areas in various fields, from law to history, to physics to even music. Example — you can compare Hugo Grotius and Hans Kelsen, and even Marti Koskenniemi with James Crawford, in the field of International Law and Pure theory. If you read politics, then Chanakya and Machiavelli share some similarities, but we know how they were differently misused or interpreted. In music — you can compare Beethoven and Vivaldi with Armin Van Buuren and Alan Walker, easily. However, you would always have to conclude, that despite the differences exist, these differences show up what is the diversity of spaces among people — and how beautiful the world has and will ever be.

I will discuss more in my next part of the series of articles very soon.

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