Stop Blaming Hinduism for a Povertarian Society and Thinking in India

If you think that blaming Ram and Shiva are responsible for all the sufferings you have in this world, then you are utmost wrong.

You have not understood the spiritual ethics of the Puranas, because like other common people of different faiths, many Hindus also don't read Gita or Ramayana.
Somebody dares to discredit the Puranas as backward and oppressive, as the general anti-Capitalist notion is being baked and served. However, they are flawed in whatever they reason out there. So we're those people who thought India had 3,000 years of oppression.

The reality is that while Ramayana is a cleanly established story about a single person Rama, who is divine, yet servile, calm yet agile, kind yet strategic, judicious yet altruistic, Vyas' Mahabharat is a different story altogether.

Krishna since his inception has been signalling the worst side of humanity since his stories in Mathura till he died after leaving his Kingdom in Dwarka due to an arrow, ironically. What did he signal? Well - he signified how people misuse their constitutional norms, how they disrespect an order, how they cannot stop the mushrooming of orthodoxy within their constitutive infrastructure of life, politics, social norms and other notions.

The Hindu cult can only be and is only progressive when its collectivists, that is the people - shun orthodoxy at their best.

Ambedkar too, was not anti-Hindu. He was anti-Orthodhoxy and anti-Discrimination. Perhaps that's also a reason why he joined within a cult of the Hindu or Indic civilization, Buddhism.

I have no doubt in believing that the Indic Cult, ie, the Hindu culture as a whole, is not theocratic, and funnily, even Dr Faizan Mustafa, the Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR, Hyderabad agrees with me. It has no semitic roots like Christianity, Judaism and Islam and that's the reason why Hinduism itself can be and has been much scientific, sociological and multilithic. The problem which our society faces is that we have been influenced by the Orthodox school for a long time, due to many reasons, like Protectionism against foreign invasion, cult issues to protect ethnic integrity of the people - especially women and children.

If you think I am an Orthodox believer of Hinduism, then may God bless your ignorance. To purify yourself from your own ideological obscuration, kindly read the Section 2 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and its usage in a beautiful manner by the Indian Judiciary very carefully. Then talk about what Orthodoxy are you fighting.

Embrace your ideas, but don't let your obscurity cast a shadow upon something which has nothing to do with our social and political problems.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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