It’s not racist to call #COVID19 a Chinese virus. Period.

Regardless of the fact that President Trump has been immoral, if we see his past, I don’t care much here because he is the President of the United States. In his official capacity, he is correct anyways.

Furthermore, let us be honest. The Asian Americans and Asian Westerns, who immigrated to the West, do not deserve racist slurs. Period.

I would not comment on whether Trump ignores on them or not, but the fact is that People's Republic of China has not fixed its Wildlife Protection Laws, misused their communist approach of welfare and development and have clamped down on free speech.

If liberals think there is an equal standard of free speech censorship, I disagree because free speech being a universal human right would at the end of day deserves subjective but rational and liberalised enquiry of censorship and policing, which is good.

Although Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto’s professor, in his speech at the Oxford Union in 2019, keeps a funny position on free speech that hate speech laws must not exist and we must let people do what they do, but at the same time, ignore the existential process of hate speech. To calm them, we can either social-distance them, which is mere procedural, professional and self-needed. It should be as clean as possible. Nevertheless, the International Community, does not need to adopt socialist values.

Capitalism and Neoliberalism must be fixed in order to fix globalization in order to gauge a better global health system. If shit happens, don't blame the populists. Just read the criticism of Henry Kissinger on the Congress of Vienna as to why human security and sovereign peace was upheld above human liberty and freedoms.

I am a liberal-conservative, and I think that is my view. You may disagree with me.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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