India’s Machiavellian Democracy: Need for Cultural Liberalism & Secularism

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Misinformation is a knowledge, but knowledge cannot be the institute of guidance. Wisdom and rational conscience is something that guides, gauges and repairs knowledge and its harshness.

Secularism and Liberalism are Changing… For a Real Good

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So, what kind of Secularism & Liberalism would a Rising, New and Changing India adore?

Why did you exclude Muslims? Is it constitutionally valid? Though the reason for this Act to come in place was religious persecution, the Amendment, however, makes no mention of persecution. Its absence is conspicuous.

Polarisation between castes and religions is as old at least as the notion of modern India. I also find a growing polarisation between those who have enjoyed the perquisites of power over decades and between those who have replaced them.

It [the CAA] can be questioned in a court of law. Or in a democratic way, you can also try to change it in Parliament, either by changing the complexion of the Lok Sabha in the coming elections or moving an amendment to the Act and getting a majority for it.

India’s State Compared to the National Socialists of Germany: A Flawed Obscurity by Principle

We demand that each farmer freely submit to relentless discipline; we order him as a soldier in the battle for food — but we must give him freedom, so he can fulfill his national obligation. We can make strict economic and cultural demands only on farmers who live freely on their own soil . (emphasis added) (Der Deutsche Volkswirt, VIII (Jan. 19, 1934), 676.)

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