India is fighting pro — COVID-19, and the International Media

I hate if the international media spreads fear and contempt with a poor choice of language about anyone. Even if the person is a criminal or rogue, genuine reporting is a necessity.

Now let's get to point: COVID-19 has spread abruptly around the world. Those who have suffered the most are the developed first-world countries. Check the WHO data to know more.
Italy, South Korea, People's Republic of China and the EU countries such as France, Germany and Spain are facing crises.

Even Pakistan is suffering.

India however, like Singapore, had already, on a stage-to-stage basis, started working on thermal checking, quarantine measures, evacuated it's people on time. Still, many people are to be evacuated, but Dr Jaishankar and his ministry are working hard. A Nodal Officer has also been appointed by the Indian MEA.

But the "pseudo-Globalist" media is busy writing and misrepresenting India abruptly, which is sad, and vehemently condemned.

Let me conclude something important. This is what COVID-19 is proving:
1. Accountability of state actors is not a glamorous or amorous affair. Rahul Gandhi, the INC Leader may have concern in saying that the Government of India hasn't made a strategy public. However, I don't see why should it be made. Closing colleges and universities obviously is a disastrous move, and like events and summits are being cancelled, being offline is not the old normal for at least 3 months in the Indian case only. I think the Government has controlled much of it early and prevented at least the rate of outbreak, which is good. Now if bizarre cases, like of that Google Techie in Bangalore whose wife, infected with COVID-19 - just runs away, then this is pure stupidity which must be dealt through criminal law. I believe the authorities have taken action.

2. The International media gives millions of mentions of COVID-19, thrives on fear fed and hatred cultivated to not respect the precariousness of the situation and do what it did for Hindus & Muslims in India after the 2020 Delhi Violence and for the Middle East post-9/11. The media community must seek apology to its viewers and the state actors for their negligence. India is working better than Germany, the UK and other countries effectively and has controlled the 'brownian movement' that spreads viruses across the polity geographically. China, still via state actors knows the virality and trends of a socio-health issue because there is some limited monotonicity there. In India, a libertarian state, which franchises free liberty, it's hard to create and police a stable health regime which has the potential of traceability and reasonability. Still, Dr Harshvardhan's ministry has done a good job I must conclude. They blocked visas till April 15, controlled the incoming international travellers, closed colleges and schools on time and acted smart.

3. Left-liberals argue that the global and national economies are crumbling down. Well - the Indian economy is in a bad shape, but India has certain opportunities in many ways, like the reduced price of oil per barrel, saving much for the government. Also, let's face the truth:. any such activity involves the problem in the system, but if necessary measures are taking place, I would then not subscribe to unreasonable arguments that the world is dying. Industrial activity has gone low, leading to a halt in pollution as a regular activity in the grief-stricken world, like for example in China. So, there are some vets we can make reasonably.

It is therefore important to stay at home, work from home and make the world accessible and dynamic, but by ethical action.

And please stop gerrymandering your responsibility of the freedom of speech and expression.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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