From Systemic Illiberalism to Organic Liberalism: The Indian Inspiration After All

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Liberalism has to act with the mettle of change, and while conservatives and traditionalists preserve hierarchies, liberals have to ensure that the framework of competence of such hierarchies is reformed, one by one. This is the simplest and affordable schemata of what liberalism and conservatism not as ideological religions, but as relevant institutions or faculties of human action can be.

Why Liberal-Conservative Thinking is not Dichotomous: the Indic Examples — Modern and Puranic

Often it is said that in case of the liberal, conservative bloc, which is created within European politics and now disseminated from the Europeans to the Americans, the Africans and so forth.

In fact, many media outlets and politicians forget to realize that there are certain boundaries and limitations of the ideological constructions. In general, a consensus of ideologies can make ideology religious - they can have an Abrahamic/Brahmic understanding, and that itself is very acerbic and dangerous, because if ideology itself forms itself like a religion, then lack of clarity can be a dangerous motive met.

That is the reason why the notions of white supremacy and ‘Global Jihad’ are equitably misplaced and under is overestimated upon Hindus.

And many times, the ‘Liberals’ are quite equated or misplaced with socialists and communists.

And that also leads us to the second question related to Indian politics as to why secularism fails.

Nobody ever decides what the first principles should be, because when one side, does that - there is sensual hypocrisy that the side itself is compromised to sometimes and then the other side also fails to adhere to it. So, in that scenario, we must be very clear with what should be the first principles, but at the same time, we must understand that liberalism and conservatism are not bad political ideas, but they can be embraced and improved in no time.

Narayana, or Lord Vishnu, embraces the idea of optimistic pedagogy and self-learning.

And you know, the better way to establish understandings towards what liberalism and conservatism for a new India can be and how the world can learn to be decided on the basis of the joint libertarian-conservative perspective which we can find in Russia and Israel.

So, India’s example is not a perfect one. But yes, if we actually transform and remove the notions of a dichotomy between power and competence, then, we can actually make Dharma and Karma, better global concepts, which direct people, but let the iris of the direction and its end-destination as sanely complex, real, individualistic, optimistic and real as possible.

Why the binary classification of libertarianism and conservatism has been unreasonable forever?

Therefore, the question of ethnocentrism also comes into being because of the white saviour complex notions developed by NATO, the US and Europeans.

Is Ideology a Religion as an Institutive Construct?

We can find the traits in India also.

If there is no need for ideological obscuration, then it is pretty clear that socialism and jingoism should not exist. And liberalism and conservatism, along with values of secularism, or patriotism or nationalism must exist, together with conformity and harmony. This could also be a good alternative, and options must always be opened.

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