End of Partisanship in Global and Internal Politics: Why & How

This ‘us’ v ‘them’ debacle, predicated on the very understanding that

Kant, EAPR and the Dunning–Kruger effect

For these reasons there must be a league of a particular kind, which can be called a league of peace (foedus pacificum), and which would be distinguished from a treaty of peace (pactum pacis) by the fact that the latter terminates only one war, while the former seeks to make an end of all wars forever. This league does not tend to any dominion over the power of the state but only to the maintenance and security of the freedom of the state itself and of other states in league with it, without there being any need for them to submit to civil laws and their compulsion, as men in a state of nature must submit.

Read Constitutional Morality, the Glass-like Idolatry of an Unknown and ‘Free’ Soul of a Constitution, Cannot Last Long in India

Democracies fail to maintain Immanuel Kant’s vision of perpetual peace because of the lack of trust ecosystem in indirect democratic systems, while direct democratic systems, led by mass humanism, lack ethical autonomy among the individuals to uphold individual accountability and responsibility in a clever and reasonable way, which I call the Machiavellian way.

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Perceived grammar ability and test performance as a function of actual test performance. Taken from Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

This is true.

The left relies on the political question, vehemently whether a society or a political organization is radical enough and can bring radical changes or not. The right assumes that wisdom is better than ignorance, but fails to garner a rational and improved form of wisdom based on action-based consensus, even if consensus by principle is not achieved.

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The Hierarchical Paradox of Rights: A Disorganized, Amorphous Cluster

End of the Left-Right Political Class Conflict Paradox

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