Did you guys ever knew I am a poet?

Well you know my love affair with AI, International Law and even Economics so to speak. I am obsessed with writing at my utmost happiness.

But my first writing affair, literally is - Poetry.
You may never believe me, but I have written 450+ poems in Hindi and English. I have written 6-8 books and that still is something nobody may not even care more to know about. Of course I am responsible for this: I wasn't good in marketing, so I was a timid failure because I wasn't fortunate like Yuval Noah Harari whose books are bestseller but the content itself diagnozes a sense of distraction.

I have a YouTube channel project, The Destined Eyes, which nobody knows about I feel. Maybe it is something deeply lone, but not negative either.

What I don't like about the so-called market of poets and expressionists is that literature that can define the world and change the course of how cultures grow in the age of ethno-nationalism is often seen as a cliché by milennials as something of the 20th century. Gen X feels we need slim and reconciled open mic literature where many people have destroyed the literary and semantic potential of what liberal rights offer you to express yourself via their emotion-maniac poems, which now seem mostly a stream of unfettered, unreasonable and incomplete propaganda. A poem obviously can be a man's own feelings expressed, but as millennials, we are responsible to create a more responsible and beautiful literature that embraces generations to develop newer cultures.

This problem is the outcome of the rhetoric of mass humanism, where humanity is seen as one, but an ethnocentric and weaker understanding of our lives does not propel the very purpose of literature and its advancement.

For example - take a note of the world written by Shakespeare during the Renaissance period. His works, whether comedies or tragedies signify about the societal preferences and understandings under the Elizabethan period. However, Shakespeare does not give up on the orientations of how unique, purposive and fruitful his literature has to be. For example - Hamlet, Shylock and Romeo are not just some real-time technically same characters who are a part of some technically broke narrative of the Western society. Each of them are different, but they are same in the essence of what they message and make us realize about.

Even in the Hindi Literature, Nirala, Bachchan and Maithilisharan Gupt along with pro-Sanskrit poet and playwright Jaishankar Prasad have challenged themselves to reach out to masses through compelling works which many people don't even know about.

All I feel here is that my literature has been criticized for being too optimistic and oversimplified, but I think that common hopes are poisonous but proper and individual hopes are more mature to drive cultures and bring civilizational change. I feel that hyperglobalization did not let me get the opportunity to showcase my literature to people due to the misuse and misguided role of what Capitalism is all about. The narrative that the economic system and the aesthetic components of a post-Truth modern human life is all about ethnocentric needs and perspirations is a blot on the neoliberal narrative which defies classic liberalism and classic egalitarian thinking. I therefore believe that people must be given opportunity on the basis of their strifes, for which I am Machiavellian and Meritocratic without an utter of shame. An egalitarian society must be responsible for the devil it makes.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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