Dehyphenate Radicalism and Embrace Civilization and Geography with a Liberal-Conservative Ethos

I agree there is some limited Hindu Fundamentalism among a few groups in the middle-class and lower-middle-class.

That hatred may have casteist basis, and it's undeniable. However, for a small group of people who will be violent unless a state adopts monopoly over violence, you will not be able to control violence against anybody, and not just hashtagged minorities. Let's be clear.

Radicalism is not just here. Other minorities and non-minority religion's followers act radically. These stupid assholes entitle Muslims with Taliban, the Tablighis and even shit Erdogan and that Mahmoud Abbas from Palestine who has done nothing to help poor Palestinians. So, point is - dogmatism can exist everywhere.

What gives me hope is the action taken by the Bahrain police by arresting a Muslim woman for throwing Ganesha statues in a market despite the fact that she has a dogmatic entitlement with the jurisprudence of her faith. What does this show you?

  • Texts can be or may not be misogynistic, racist or not, and language here doesn’t matter much. That’s why this shithole propaganda by dystopia-centric historians that Gita justified war and conflict is bullshit because first - that’s philosophically flawed, and second, the dogmatic way of interpretation is a miscarriage of free and liberal thinking. This itself proves how radical and Fascist the Left really is.
  • Economics matters along with geography. The aftermath of the peace plan between Israel and UAE on a temporary annexation of Gaza and West Bank will be central to development economics and not conflict economics.

Therefore, radical and Political Islam (and Global Jihad) will be isolated globally, and the Arab World will isolate Iran and Turkey vehemently.

The Bahrain police might not have arrested that lady for her acts, but they did.
Mohammad Bin Sultan (earlier Salman), of Saudi Arabia is already trying hard to reform the Saudi society, and it's working one by one. Therefore, whatever be the savagery of the so-called notions of transitional justice, that oppression Olympics cannot get further. Russia will distance itself from such radicalization in the coming years despite being a hesitant ally of China, and therefore it is clear that Palestinians need help and education instead of politics. I believe India, Germany, France and even Singapore must assist the people, provided the Palestinians to stop radicalizing their children at all costs. Dissent within PLO is needed.

By the way, Lebanon will be the next to partner with Israel, but the process will take time.

Also, the Left will be disintegrated completely, because the whole identity-secularism dichotomies they fried to create by thawing and destroying civilizations is backfiring them. The Middle East will be asymmetric enough to reform further with Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and so, which is good.

Thus, even amidst the rise of Hindu conservatism, which is good, the role of Hindu nationalists would not be extremely disruptive after the Ram Janmabhoomi movement's success - because more or less, the so-called Right-wing in India, which is nothing but Hindu Socialism (example - Yogi Adityanath), it is clear that India's shift from preambulatory socialism to geographic and cultural-liberal arch capitalism, like that of Chanakya, and of Chandragupta, will harmonize India's civilizational cause.

Moreover, if the Rule of Law is treated as a more economic and geographic issue instead of as ideological and philosophical savagery altogether, then you will be shocked to know that language and heuristics would never matter. The un-holistic proceduralism of politics will completely change.

Politics will be above and not behind the geography of rule of law in a civilizational manner, thereby helping the root beauty of what constitutionalism survive for.

Thus, stand against radicalization of the Left and the Jihadists. But at the same time, be as much humble as possible to learn, invent and share a better discourse ecosystem to your next 5-7 generations. Prosperity would be hard, but not begone.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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