Considering that India is Intolerant and Antagonistic is Nothing but a Geopolitical and Ethical Mistake

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I most often hear that people stand up and shout for Kantian republican notions, and they call out for liberalism and egalitarianism. However, let us be quite fair on this: if you think communication ethics and infrastructure does not affect the dire situation of a political democracy just because people are enfranchised with universal and national level human rights and liberties, then this scholarly understanding shows how shallow and low-minded such people are — who propose binary approaches in the field of human rights, whether concerned with international law or constitutional law.

Do you know why is it so bad that we need to call this out?

You do not decide the egalitarian characteristic of culture by assuming it is a drug. You decide its capacity to develop and grow egalitarian values, by knowing what they resemble in a constitutive and deeply humanist manner.

The king should look after the welfare of the helpless, the aged, the blind, the lunatics, widows, orphans, those suffering from diseases and calamities, pregnant women, by giving them food, lodging, clothing and medicine according to their needs.

An attitude of objectivity, logic and humanity and an approach of understanding, co-existence and tolerance permeated the secular spirit of ancient Indian thoughts.

From ancient times the constitutional system depends on the foundations of Truth and social sympathy. Truth is the fundamental basis of the State, indeed the whole universe rests on Truth.

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