​Commitment, Burnout and Artificial Intelligence: Not a Dilemma

When we conceive of burnout as a management problem, it all then starts with understanding the culture of ethics and management as two separate entities of observation. It all started when we liberalised ethics for the connotative value of coherence. It is important to proceed & I regard this as a call of morality to spread up. The birth of cyberspace by internet is also an evolution based on such conundrums of realization. However, the fragility that diluted establishments like cyberspace or AI have are based on the premises of management optimization. And by this, I clearly mean the old ideas to increase efficiency. The pursuance of automation can be in many forms. One form is social or individual leisure, by letting people work more even if they cannot. You know how that happened? Thanks to Netflix. The intrusive designing and privacy features of social media developed popped out years of lack and depravity of dysfunctional expression as well, and by that I mean: we sometimes need to optimize our personal lives, purposes and ethics to make our world at a social level smoother. It is not the linear trend of politics, dissent or hatred: because such trends are directly implicative, which is why fake news gets so many hits today.

What exactly do we concur from AI as a socio-individual reality?

Nevertheless, the philosophy of optimization, which we led wasn’t based on an inclusive infrastructure of ethics. Instead, it became a more material one, leading to a physical form of progressive sequencing as in so to speak. That is why we are so much irritated at times why this work thing sucks our very organic excitement or purpose. The purpose of someone’s life is not professional: being, working and resembling professional goals are merely proofs or sometimes material semblances, just giving some fragrant essence of extrinsic motivations, which accounts to 1–4% of our motivations at least everyday as a qualifiable element. Nevertheless, extrinsic motivations many at times outrun and morally outlaw intrinsic motivations due to many legitimate and unusual reasons so to mention, and we cannot stop it.

Founder and CEO, Internationalism™ | Founder & Chairperson, ISAIL | AI-Law Futurist | YouTuber | Researcher | Poet

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